Refilling the liquid nitrogen

Where to put the dewar

Top view of the 100 L tank

Protecting gloves

How to supply liqN2

Please bear in mind that liqN2 can be hazardous. You are requested to wear protecting gloves while manipulating liqN2.

  • Starting to supply
    1. Put the flexible hose labelled (1) in the dewar (cebell) to be filled.

    2. OPEN the valve labelled (2).

    3. CLOSE the valve labelled (3).

    4. OPEN the valve labelled (4) SLOWLY, checking the pressure meter.

  • During supply
    1. While filling the dewar, please stay around in visual contact with the 100 L tank, as you need to keep the pressure below 0.05MPa.

  • Finish to supply
    When the dewar is full, some liqN2 will spill-out on the ground. Please stay calm and stop supplying by following the next steps.
    1. CLOSE the valve labelled (4).

    2. OPEN the valve labelled (3).

    3. CLOSE the valve labelled (2).

    4. Pull the flexible hose (1) out of the dewar.

    5. Please check that the valve labelled (3) is OPEN, and that the valves (2) and (4) are in the CLOSE position.

Dewar to discard used liqN2

Please discard used liqN2 into the predetermined dewar. You will find such dewar on the left-side of the cabin (Bl-1A), on the back of the cabin (BL-5A, BL-17A), on the back of the experimental hutch (AR-NW12A), and in front of the cabin (AR-NE3A), respectively.

As liqN2 is HAZARDOUS, please do NOT throw away used liqN2 on the floor, into the sink etc.


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