Beamlines Parameter Files


To process the diffraction images in your laboratory, please download the file corresponding to the beamline of interest (where you collected the data). It is recommended that you generate a new directory under your $HKLDIR for the beamline, and put in there the file

$ cd $HKLDIR
$ mkdir PF_BL-5
$ cd PF_BL-5
$ cp /where/you/downloaded/ BL-1A   (EIGER X4M, 2015.6~) 2017.2.18 BL-5A   (Pilatus 2M, 2016.10~ Temporary Use) 2016.10.31 BL-17A   (Pilatus3 S 6M, 2014.10~) 2017.2.15 AR-NW12A   (Q270, 2015.5~) 2015.5.16 AR-NE3A   (Pilatus 2M, 2015.6~) 2015.6.2

Important!! We are operating a new detector EIGER X4M at BL-1A.

Important!! We are operating a new detector Pilatus3 S 6M at BL-17A.

Important!! HKL2000 obtains the direct beam position from a file, NOT from the image header. Therefore, make sure that your is new and has the correct direct beam position.


Download and execute a script file generate_XDS.INP(Ver.20151114), which is originally written by Dr. Kay Diederichs and modified for PF PX beamline's.
You can see how to use this script in XDS Wiki.


To process your data with Mosflm, you will need to download the appropriate init.mac, and edit the file with your experimental confitions before processing it. You can then run this macro file using the Mosflm command line by typing @init.mac.

init.mac.5a_bin BL-5A Q315 2x2 binning 2007.6.15
init.mac.5a_full BL-5A Q315 no binning 2007.6.15
init.mac.6a BL-6A Q4R 2007.6.15
init.mac.17a BL-17A Q270 2007.6.15
init.mac.nw12_bin NW12A Q210r 2x2 binning 2007.6.15
init.mac.nw12_full NW12A Q210r no binning (default) 2007.6.15


Download the appropriate parameter file, and specify it in the main window of the DPS GUI.

prototype_Q4R.param BL-6A  
prototype_Q210_full.param AR-NW12A no binning (default)  
prototype_Q210_bin.param AR-NW12A 2x2 binning  
prototype_Q270.param BL-17A  
prototype_Q315_full.param BL-5A no binning  
prototype_Q315_bin.param BL-5A 2x2 binning (default)  

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