Centering the sample at the beam position

Procedure for sample centering

  1. Enter in the centering mode by clicking the Center tab.

  2. From the >Auto centering< section, click the [start] button. In case you would prefer centering manually the crystal, please click the [Crystal Centering Mode] button at the top of the window GUI.

  3. To play with the crystal / loop position, double-click the part you would like to see in the center of the display (right in the center of the X-ray beam).
    The crystal does not move after double-click.=> details

  4. Select the [+90] (or [-90]) buttons to rotate the loop from +90 (or -90) degrees, and adjust center the crystal again using the same procedure as in (3).

  5. In the case you cannot see the sample in the current display, click the [Out] button from the >Zoom< section, and adjust roughly position of the sample, using the procedure in (3). It is then possible to go back to higher magnification with the [In] button, and adjust the sample position again.

  6. The brightness of the display can be adjusted by the >Brightness< sliding bar. You will need to click the [Apply] button after changing the sliding bar.

More explanation of each functions

  • Centering display
    The red cross:The horizontal line represents the center of the sample rotation axis. The center position at the cross is adjusted to represent the X-rays path.
    The blue cross:These lines represent the current position of the mouse, following it along the display.
  • [Manual Exchange Mode]、[Crystal Centering Mode]
    The user can change the operational mode with these buttons.
    Manual Exchange Mode:The sample is exchanged manually by the user.
    Crystal Centering Mode:This mode allows the centering of the sample.
  • >Auto Loop Centering<
    This option automatically center the loop to the beam position.
    [Start]: start button for the alignment.
    In order to stop the program, it is necessary to click on the [Emergency Stop] button.
    Note: Using this option does NOT align the crystal, only the loop!!
  • >Omega<
    The angle rotation of the diffractometer can be controlled here.
    [+][-]: These buttons allow the user to rotate the sample counterclockwise [+] or clockwise [-] from its current position, the degree of rotation depending on the value indicated in the middle box.
    (The rotation direction can be imaged by watching the tail of the cryo pin from the head.)
    [+90][-90]:These buttons allow the user to rotate the sample 90 degrees counterclockwise or clockwise from its current position.
    [+180]:This button allow the rotation of the sample 180 degrees from its current position.
    (In other words, it represents the sample's reverse rotation.)
    [Apply]:The sample is rotated with the angle displayed in the box left of the button.
    (It is possible to input values from 0 to 360 degrees, positives or negatives.)
  • >Zoom<
    It controls the telescope magnification.
    [Out]:For a low magnification zoom level.
    [In]:For a high magnification zoom level.
  • >Center<
    This section allows a fine adjustment of the sample position.
    >:To move the sample three pixels.
    >>:To move the sample six pixels.
  • >Brightness<
    This section controls the brightness adjustment of the light source.
    The level of brightness can be changed with the sliding bar and the [Apply] button.
  • >Capture Window<
    The current position of the centered sample is saved in a JPEG file format.
    The destination of the saved file depends on the Working Directory, under the folder named "Crystal".
    It is possible to change the folder and file names using the file name manager. Click the [Special]-[Files/Directories name] button from the menu bar.
  • >Position Registration<
    This widget allows to register the centered position.
    • [Add positions on the image]:To register the centered position.
    • [Delete selected]:To delete the selected position.
    • [Delete all] : To delete all the registered positions.
    • [Close] : To close the Position Registration widget.
      If you want to add further position, please move to the next position after close the widget.
    The registered Positions can be specified in the Runs table of the COLLECT tab.
    (If the Position column does not appear, please move the scroll bar.)
    CAUTION:You can not take Snapshots using the registered positions.

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