Preparation of Cryo Pin

Our robots usually handle the base CrystalCap Copper Magnetic 18mm and the Mounted Cryoloop sold by Hampton Research Co.

Please cut the Mounted Cryoloop at the position shown by a red arrow in the figure below. Then, please insert the cut Cryoloop in the base. If height of other pin is same as the height of the pin explained above, it may be able to used by our robots.

Loading pins into cassette

Storing sample information

CSV file includes the sample information.

The software "UGUIS" opens this CSV file and shows the sample information.

This CSV file is modified for automated data collection at the PF beamlines, based on the CSV file of SSRL. The software "UGUIS" can also read the SSRL CSV file.

Download: Template.csv (1kB)
Download: Example-SSRL.csv (8kB)
Download: Example-unipuck.csv (6kB)

  Row Detail Default value
1 ContainerID ID of cassette (necessary)
2 Port Port number in the sample cassette (necessary)
3 CrystalID ID of crystal (necessary)
4 Protein Name of protein (necessary)
5 Directory Directory name for storing data -
6 Comment Comment (Comma(,) cannot be used.) -
7 Screening 0: Manual screening, 1: Auto screening 1
8 Exp_result Result of experiments -
9 Run Run number 1
10 Start Number of start frame 001
11 Total_frame Number of total frame 180
12 Start_omega Start angle (deg.) 0.0
13 Snap_omega Angles of samle rotation axis (snapshot)
(blank separated)(deg.)
0 30 60 90
14 Osc_width Oscillation angle (deg.) 1.0
15 Exp_time Exposure time (sec.) 1.0 (NE3A)
2.0 (BL-5A, NW12A)
5.0 (BL-17A)
16 Wavelength Wavelength of X-ray (angstrom) 1.000
17 Max_resolution Maximum resolution (angstrom)
18 Camera_height Vertical offset of CCD detector from the center of direct beam (mm) 0.0
19 Hwidth Width of horizontal slit (mm) 0.2 (BL-5A, NW12A, NE3A)
0.05 (BL-17A)
20 Vwidth Width of vertical slit (mm) 0.2 (BL-5A, NW12A, NE3A)
0.05 (BL-17A)
21 Atten Thickness of attenuator (mm) 0
22 Binning Readout mode of CCD detector (0~2)
0:Full resolution、1:Software binning、2:Hardware binning
0 (BL-1A, NE3A)
2 (BL-5A, 17A, NW12A)
23 Divergence Beam divergence
0: Double slit, 1: Single slit