BL-15A1/A2: Semi-microbeam XAFS / High-brilliance small-angle X-ray scattering (Under construction)
Construction project of new high-brilliance beamline at the BL-15 section of the PF-ring are pursuing.This new beamline has a short gap undulator which produces high brilliance X-rays ranging from 2.1 keV to 15 keV. The windowless beamline design promises softer X-ray experiments. The beamline will be dedicated to both activities, SAXS experiments using collimated softer and hard x-rays and XAFS/XRF/XRD studies using semi-micro focus beams.
The main optics are a horizontal collimating mirror, a liquid nitrogen cooled double crystal monochromator, a vertical focusing mirror and a pair of asymmetrically horizontal focusing mirrors which will employ a secondary, virtual source, to deliver stably small focus beam. A horizontal double mirror system is installed in order to eliminate higher order reflections. The experimental hutch is separated into two stations in tandem. The upstream station is BL-15A1 for the XAFS/XRF activity and the downstream one is BL-15A2 for the SAXS activity. The second horizontal focusing mirror has a double surface structure which supplies the highly focused or collimated radation to each station.
Old BL-15 beamlines were scrapped and new construction work started. The construction will be completed in the summer shutdown of 2013 and the first beams will be delivered in Octber. After the beamline commissionning, the A1 and A2 stations will be opened to users in January, 2014.
Area of Research
XAFS/XRF/XRD and SAXS experiments
Light Source
Short Gap Undulator
Periodic length : 17.6 mm
Periodic Number : 27
Maximum K value : 1.61
Horizontal Collimation Mirror 15.0m Rhodium coated silicon single crystal (Flat assymetric bent, 800 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 40 mm (T) ) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Mono-chromator 21.0m Numerical link type Si(111) double crystal monochromator, liquid nitrogen cooling
Vertical Focusing Mirror 25.0m Rhodium coated silicon single crystal (Flat bent, 800 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 50 mm (T) ) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Horizontal Focusing Mirror 1 26.5m Rhodium coated silicon bimorph (Parabola shape, 800 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) ) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Double Mirror 26.5m Two Nickel coated silicon single crystal (Flat shape, 800 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) ) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Slit 31m Secondary source
Horizontal Focusing Mirror 2 32.5m Rhodium coated silicon bimorph (Ellipse shape, 200 mm (L) x 45 mm (W) ) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Focal point 32.8m
A2: SAXS using softer X-rays
A2: SAXS using hard X-rays
Beam Performance (Calculated)
Energy range : 2.1 - 15 keV
Energy resolution : 2 x 10-4
--- A1 station (XAFS/XRF/XRD) ---
Flux and size: >1011 phs/s, 0.017(H)x0.009(V) mm
--- A2 station (SAXS) ---
Flux and size: >1011 phs/s, 0.339(H)x0.018(V) mm
Beam divergence: 0.058(H) x 0.109(V) mrad
N Igarashi, N Shimizu, A Koyama, T Mori, H Ohta, Y Niwa, H Nitani, H, Abe, M Nomura, T Shioya, K Tsuchiya and K Ito, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 425 072016 (2013)
Contact Persons
Noriyuki IGARASHI (Beamline)
Phone : +81-298-64-5641
Fax : +81-298-64-2801
e-mail :

Hiroaki NITANI (A1 station)
Phone : +81-298-64-5444
Fax : +81-298-64-2801
e-mail :

Nobutaka SHIMIZU (A2 station)
Phone : +81-298-64-5545
Fax : +81-298-64-2801
e-mail :
Other Information (Japanese)
First public review (Jun 8, 2012)
Second public review (Dec 14, 2012)
Presentation file at JSSRR2013
PF-XAFS homepage
SAXS beamlines at PF

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