Current Photographs of BL-17A (updated on Jun 7, 2012)
  The construction was funded by the "Development of Systems and Technology for Advanced
  Measurement and Analysis" of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

Side view of the BL-17A from BL-16 side.

Back view of the BL-17A. The door is an entance of the control cabin.

When entering the control cabin, we can see two rooms and an experimetal hutch on the right side.

Overview of the diffractometer and the CCD detector. We installed a new high-speed and high-gain CCD detector, ADSC Quantum 270.
A microscope is available on the table beside the diffractometer.

The fancybox below the sample rotation axis contains a beam stopper, a fluorescent detector and a guard slit which are retractable automatically.

Side view of the diffractometer.

The control cabin has one PC for beamline control and 4 PCs for data processing.

A desk for sample manipulation behind the PCs.

Another room has 2 Windows PCs for data backup and office work.

An area to refill liquid nitrogen.

The sample exchange robot was installed in February, 2007. Details of the robot should be refered to the following page.