NW12A X-ray Beamline for High-throughput Macromolecular Crystallography
NW12A is deigned for high-throughput MAD experiments with high-flux undulator beam and a rapid data acquisition system. Using double crystal monochromator cooled with liquid nitrogen, a wide energy range (6.5 - 17 keV) of the the monochromatic beam is available with fine energy resolution. A high-precision (SOC is less than 2 micron) sample axis allows experiments with micro-crystals. A robot for sample exchange will be installed to improve the efficiency of experiments.
Area of Research
Macromolecular crystallography
Light Source
In-vacuum Undulator (with taper option)
Collimating Mirror: 23.5 m
Rhodium coated silicon single crystal (Flat shaped, 1000 mm (L) x 100 mm (W) x 70 mm (T) ) with 3.5 mrad glancing angle.
Mono-chromator: 25.4 m
Numerical link type Si(111) double crystal monochromator, liquid nitrogen cooling
Focusing Mirror: 27.0 m
Rhodium coated silicon single crystal (Troidal, 1000 mm (L) x 100 mm (W) x 60 mm (T) ) with 3.5 mrad glancing angle.
Photons at Sample Position
Energy range : 0.70 - 1.9 Å
Energy resolution : 2 x 10-4
Photon flux : 2 x 1011@6.5 GeV, 40 mA, 1.0 Å
(0.2 x 0.2 mm slit)
Facilities in the Experimental Station
Detector : ADSC Quantum 210
Detector size : 210 x 210 mm
Camera distance : 60 - 600 mm (up to 950 on demand)
Vertical offset : 0 - 100 mm
Cryocooling device : nitrogen gas flow around 95 K
Fluorescence detector : Si-PIN diode

Workstation and Softwares
4 PC Workstations (Linux, RedHat 9.0)
2 PC Windows (USB2.0, IEEE1394)
Softwares for image processing
HKL2000, DPS/Mosflm/Scala
to be published...
Contact Person
Yusuke Yamada (KEK-PF)
Phone : +81-298-64-5642
Fax : +81-298-64-2801
e-mail : yusuke.yamada@kek.jp
Other Information
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