Topics of the PF structural biology beamlines
January 20, 2005
Noriyuki Igarashi, Naohiro Matsugaki, Yusuke Yamada and Masahiko Hiraki
SBRC. Photon Factory, KEK

The shutdown of the PF ring is now scheduled from March to September in 2005. The PF ring will be upgraded so that the new straight sections will be available. During the upgrading, only NW12 will be operational for the structural biology.
We are now pursuing a construction project of a new beamline, BL-17, at the PF ring. The BL-17 is designed for both a small crystal of a biological molecule and a low energy (around 6 keV) experiment for SAD phasing . The light source is an insertion device, minipole undulator, and the optics is specialized for a small focused X-ray beam. We will start the construction at the beginning of March, 2005 and we are now planning to start the user operation of BL-17 from the spring of 2006.
The BL-18B will be closed at the end of February. Very thanks for the BL-18B!!
At the BL-5 and NW12, the crystal centering process becomes quicker. We modified the motor drive and the controlling software.
During the shutdown of the PF ring, we have a plan of the replacement of the goniostat of BL-6A. The goniostat will be replaced to the same one of BL-5 and NW12.
An automated sample mounting and dismounting robot are developing at BL-5 and NW12. In this term, we will adjust the robot by using actual crystals and will start the commissioning from the next April. Since these robots are based on the Stanford Automated Mounting system (SAM), you can use same sample loading tools and sample cassette that can accommodate 96 loops (Hampton Research 18mm-type). The Reference page is
We start to manage NIS/NFS service over all the beamlines. From this spring, we will make the space for the data processing and analysis after the beamtime at both of the PF and PF-AR.
We are now developing an integrated GUI and we will start the operation after the next April. (a little bit delayed) The GUI includes the functions of the three current GUIs, "adsc", "xafs", "crystal" and also "robot".
The design and contents of our beamline homepage has been renewed since January 2005. Many useful contents, i.e. specifications of each beamline, beamline manual pages and latest information from beamline staffs, are now available!! Please have a look before your visit and we hope it would be helpful for you. (URL