User Authentication with LDAP and Storage Devices at PF Beamlines

All computers of PF beamlines has been authenticated by LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Users can start the experiment and data processing by logging into the PCs using your unique ID and password. Therefore, you will not be able to access the directories of other users.

Changing the password

Changing your user ID is not allowed. If you forget your user ID and password, please contact the responsible staff (PHS 2613). Meanwhile, please change your password on first login.

  1. Log in to the Windows PC with user ID and temporary password.
  2. Ater logging in, push "Ctrl+Alt+Del" keys to show up the dialogue window.
  3. Click the [Changing password...] button, and change the password according to the instruction on the dialogue.
  4. After changing the password, use the new password to login both Linux and Windows PCs at the beamlines.
Please do NOT change the password with linux "passwd" command.

Please log out of all PCs when you finish your experiment.

Configuration of the storage devices at the beamlines

Every Linux workstation used for data processing at the beamlines can mount all the storage devices from every beamline by simple use of the Linux function autofs. Therefore, it is easy to compare diffraction data sets collected at different beamlines. It gives you also the possibility to re-process the data sets from different beamline. Furthermore, we introduced a high-performance shared-disk clustered file system (GPFS) in 2011. You can now manipulate data files easier and faster.

Disks available to mount
Mount position Beamline Capacity
/gpfs/data All Beamlines 60.0 TB

Making directories

The directory with your group's user ID has already been prepared. If necessary, please create your own directory under this main group, and save your data subsequently.
      e.g.: /gpfs/data/(yourID)/(yymmdd_Beamline)/(your sample)/

Changing the directories in beamline file server

You have several choices to change your working directory to the beamline file server; by the classical Linux "cd" command.

[yourID@pc3.bl5 ~]$ cd /gpfs/data/(yourID)
[yourID@pc3.bl5 (yourID)]$ pwd

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