Note for processing data sets collected on a Q270 detector

  1. Specifications

    Active area (mm) 270 x 270  
    Pixel size (mm) 0.0648 x 0.0648  
    Number of pixels 4168 x 4168  
    Beam center 134.9, 134.1 (HKL2000, Moslm)
    (Jun. 2007) 2068, 2085 (XDS)

    It is possible to download the parameter files for some processing software here.

  2. HKL2000

    To be able to use HKL2000, you will need the latest version, with an adaquate licence.

    In our hands, the version 0.98.698 can process the images from Q270 correctly.

  3. Mosflm

    Although Mosflm can recognize the file format, the pixel size and the number of pixels (included in the header), you will need to specify the limits keyword, such as:

    limits xmax 135 ymax 135 xscan 135 yscan 135

    Some compiled Mosflm versions may have a limit in regards with the number of pixels, and cannot therefore read the image files coming from Q270. In such a case, you will have to recompile Mosflm according to the error messages.

  4. XDS

    There are no differences with other detectors.